About Us

Brief History of SVSPA:

The Police Act, 1861(Act V of 1861) laid the foundation of organized and formal policing in British India. Around 1893 an experimental course of instructions limited to a period of two months was tried in Dhaka (presently in Bangladesh). Later a Police Training School at Bhagalpur (now in Bihar but then part of Bengal Province) was approved. As per recommendations of the Indian Police Commission 1902-03, a Police Training School was set up at Mill Barracks, Dhaka which functioned as such till 1913. Partition of Bengal in 1905 and its annulment in 1911 resulting in newly created province of Bihar and thus police training college at Bhagalpur going out of Bengal province, a new Police Training College at Sardah (Rajshahi district in Bangladesh now) was established in 1912 which continued to be the main training institution for Police in the province of Bengal till Independence of India. A smaller set up known as Barrackpore Training Centre (BTC), located within the campus of present day Barrackpore Police Lines functioned as an adjunct to the main training institution.

After the Independence, Police Training College for West Bengal Police was sanctioned in 1948 to function from the present location at Barrackpore and Barrackpore Training Centre (BTC) was merged with it in 1949 and thus Police Training College (PTC), Barrackpore came into existence. Later the Police Training Centre at Bankura was also amalgamated with the Police Training College. Every year 11th April, is celebrated as the Foundation Day. The PTC Barrackpore has been renamed as Swami Vivekananda State Police Academy since August 2011. Thus, the history of formal police training is over a century old in West Bengal.

Role of SVSPA:

The SVSPA is the state police training institution catering to the training needs of West Bengal Police and Kolkata Police. The Academy conducts the following trainings:

Basic Training

  • Cadet Sub Inspectors (Armed & Unarmed) of WBP
  • Cadet Sub Inspectors & Sergeants of Kolkata Police
  • DySP (UT)

PPT Training

  • Constables
  • ASI
  • Sub Inspectors

Attachment Training

  • West Bengal cadre IPS Officers
  • WBCS Executive Officers

Training of other Departments

  • West Bengal Revenue Services
  • West Bengal Correctional Service
  • Jalasathi
  • Wireless Operators

In-service Training on different issues related to:

  • Women
  • Children
  • Senior Citizens
  • Transgender
  • SC & ST
  • Cyber Crime
  • Human Rights
  • Economic Offences
  • Departmental Proceeding
  • Police Office/Reserve Office functioning etc
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Other Courses

  • Honorable High Court, different National and State Commissions mandated In-service Courses on various issues related to police.
  • Two-week Pre-course on Bomb Detection and Disposal.
  • Preparatory Training of All India Police Duty Meet and All India Police Duty Meet (Shooting) to the aspirant competitors of West Bengal & Kolkata Police.
  • Dog Training in disciplines like Tracking and Sniffing in Explosives / Narcotics along with the Handlers.
  • Equestrian Training: All India Police Equestrian Meet and Mounted Police Duty Meet.
  • Basic Brass Band Training for a period of 90 days and Preparatory Training for All India Police Band Competition.

Training of other departments:

  1. WBCS Executive Officers
  2. West Bengal Revenue Services
  3. Jalasathi (West Bengal Transport Department)