Training Branch

Additional Director General of Police (Training), West Bengal heads the Training Branch of West Bengal Police. He deals with all training related matters of West Bengal Police. He exercises functional supervision over all police training institutions in West Bengal Police. He is assisted by the IGP (Training) at the Training HQs, and by the Inspector General of Police, SVSPA and Principals of STCs & PTS. Policy matters relating to training administration are decided by the Board of Control for Training which is headed by the ADGP (Trg.).


The Primary objective of the Training Branch of West Bengal Police is to oversee, supervise and guide the entire training process of the Police Personnel of West Bengal. The Training Branch, West Bengal Police has under its domain the SVSPA, STCs, TTCs spread across the length and breadth of the State. The objective being to impart training to police personnel in the State on a continuous basis and imbibe trainees with the skills to perform their duty with dedication and more importantly with a sense of service to the people. The Training Branch continuously strives to improve the training process so as to develop centres of excellence of Police Training in the State.


The vision of Training Branch is implemented with a strong sense of positive capacity building among trainees through the following:

  • Developing the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude among the trainees so that they can perform their job in a much more professional manner especially at the time when expectation from the police is rising from the civil society.
  • Continuously evolving various training strategies and methodologies for different training courses so that trainees can benefit utmost from training and apply these skills in their professional roles.
  • The process of continuous improvement towards excellence in training is to be achieved by positive team work with various stakeholders, trainers and domain experts. This team spirit is accompanied with utmost dedication to continuous improvement in the training cycle which is central to the ethos of this unit.
  • This Unit focuses in providing exposure to trainees of different ranks on latest developments in the professional sphere and strives to ensure that the trainees use these latest skills and knowledge in their professional sphere of work.
  • The Unit has a strong sense of commitment that today's police personnel must be committed to service and giving help to the people. These values are inculcated in trainees during their training period. The unit not only trains personnel on their induction to service but also conducts pre/post promotional training courses for various ranks and also conducts specialised training in different areas. Trainees on a regular basis attend training courses at the best training institutes in the country.
  • The mission of the unit is not only to focus on trainees but also on building a pool of trainers through various Training of Trainers Courses. This will ensure that decentralised capacity building of police

The following functions are envisaged for the Training Branch :

  1. Command, control, regulate, oversee and supervise all the training activities and training institutions in West Bengal Police
  2. Ensure fulfillment and attainment of the aims, objectives, goals and targets of police training.
  3. Improve the infrastructure and training facilities of each training institution
  4. Provide dynamism, speed, goal direction and contemporary relevance to the training activities for bringing about requisite professionalism and competence in the police personnel of all ranks
  5. Promote attainment and realization of the Vision-Mission of West Bengal Police.
  6. Conduct quality audit of the training activities.
  7. Ensure training worthiness of all the training institutions by enabling them to maintain the requisite standards with regard to competence of the police trainers, relevance of training methodology and appropriateness of the feedback and follow up mechanisms.

Contact details:

  1. Additional Director General of Police, Training, West Bengal
    Shri Anuj Sharma, IPS
    Ph: 033-23346686 (office)
  2. Inspector General of Police, Training, West Bengal
    Dr. Anirban Ray, IPS
    Ph : 033-23583806 (office)
    Mail id:
  3. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Training, West Bengal
    Shri Swapan Sarkar, IPS
    Mail id: